Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1-3

Well, I am not great at blogging daily, so 2- 3 days will be good...
Day 1 -
The first two green drinks were ok, I had not added very much Kale to the mixture. I told my friend Valine that they were good. She told me I was strange, rightly so.
By my evening drink I was grossed out, yuck it does taste like grass. I was really weak and tired the first day. My tummy was growling like a bear, "real food" it screamed, "real food". I was thinking about how good it would taste to sink my teeth into a yummy seasoned chicken breast, and that was my craving for the day.
Day 2 -
Well, I woke up drank my warm lemon water with a few drops of sevia and lemon essential oils. That was nice. Then I drank my 2 pear and 1 green apple juice. That was like heaven.
Then throughout the day I drank my green juices, pretty slowly I might add. It isn't something I just want to gulp down, I just can't. Plus my tummy was feeling a bit queezy, and making rumbling noises all day. I had energy and felt good most of the day, except when I tried to run up the stairs, my legs just would not go, they became noodles in motion, slow motion. I felt very hungry in the evening. So pretty good day.

Day 3 -
Did my morning regimen as before and feeling pretty good. I have got a few friends coming over to make some more fabric bags for meals. Check out the book on Amazon "It's in the Bag". Great concept for food storage and meal planning.
I am going to go play volleyball hopefully I can get Bobbie to drive.
I am amazed at what you can do when you set your mind to it and most importantly, with lots of prayer and strength from the Lord. I am grateful for opportunities like this that I know will make me stronger, the trick is staying on the right track with our families nutrition.
Ta ta for now, have a wonderful fabulous day.
Here is some information I found on the Doterra Website for CFS, the coconut drink sounds wonderful.

A typical green drink:

· 1 young coconut including the meat and water

· 1 orange

· 2 cups organic spinach

· Blend until smooth. You may also add a hand full of blueberries.

Essential oils:

· frankincense

· oregano

· peppermint

· thyme

· On Guard

Diet is important:

· Avoid: Sugar and any sugar substitutes. Anything processed or canned. Anything with food colorings. Re-heated foods. Dairy. Fungus, mold, and yeast products such as mushrooms bread, and cheese. Meats and processed meats. Rule of thumb, all the whites: white flour, milk, white sugar, and white rice.

· Eat: Lots of fruits and vegetables, solid and juiced (green smoothies). Brown rice, young thai coconuts (check out your local oriental store, nuts, seeds and grains in their closest form to how they came out of the ground, consider sprouting). Test yourself for grains.

Don't get discouraged because you have to temporarily adjust your diet in such a strict way. You need to let your system heal, and then adopt a healthier way of eating.

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