Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 4 - Worst day ever, tired sick, weak. Just wanted to jump ship. The green juice is not growing on me, it's icky and I don't like it. I was whinny, and frustrated. Can not wait til it's over. So last night I decided I wasn't getting enough calories and that is why I was so grumpy. So I am adding some more juices in to my day. I played volleyball and I was so weak, afterwards I went strait to bed at 9:30.
Day 5 - Woke up at 6:30, so this week is cereal week for the kids. I am doing as little cooking as possible. I felt tired and weak so I drank my lemon water, juice drink and then went back to bed. Got up made my green drink and slowly drank it. I tried to drink it fast, but my tummy doesn't like that. Day ended ok.
Day 6 - slept in and then got up and made the kids breakfast. I should have eaten first. My blood sugar dropped super low and I couldn't take it, I just sat on the kitchen floor and ate my pear. I decided if I don't have enough energy to even make my juice this is just not working for me. So I steamed my vegis and blended them and seasoned them and warmed them again. Yummy soup. Then I had some energy to make more juice. I ate really good, but just can not stay on the juice fast. I lost about 7 lbs in 5 days, and didn't really need to loose any weight. I know that one thing I felt really clean and light, my bloating was gone. So it’s soups for a few days then salads, and then start my new healthy life style. I feel like sugar, dairy, and white flour are my worst enemies, so I have got to learn to cook without those things. I just need to fine a bunch of recipes and I will be fine.

Well, Saturday went better by evening and when I was laying in bed I started to ask God why I had stomach problems, where did they all start. What happened next was amazing, I was told he can heal both physical and emotional ailments and I was healed. I woke up on Sunday and bore my testimony in church about how much our Savior loves us and cares about each one of His children. I felt his love envelope my whole body and soul. Thank you for aall the prayers from my family and friends.

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